The Hollows

by Tyler Brown

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The eight-song, entirely organic debut album.


released September 21, 2013

All songs, lyrics, production, engineering, and mixing: Tyler Brown

Artwork: John Stallings

Design: Josh Roten

timshel, and i love you.



all rights reserved


Tyler Brown Charlotte, North Carolina

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Track Name: Color (Where We're Lying)
subject yourself
then reevaluate
if this cannot wait
don't you dare hold back from it
but don't you dare forget the steps
back to me

do i become
an experience,

and in between the lulls
of static months and miles
i stirred your every nerve
til you could not keep silent
i taught you how to feel
you taught me to be quiet
and you were something light
and steadily unwinding
now leaves will leave their homes
to learn what it's like dying
and we will follow suit
lose color where we're lying
remember to be still
and when you feel the timing
don't you dare hold back from me
and don't you dare forget to breathe
me in, again
Track Name: Cage
i don't want to cage you
i just want to make you feel
whenever you wake up
nothing will be different here
stroke across the surface
or dig in 'til it decays
so if it's gonna die
at least it's got a ready grave

wouldn't want to need anything
wouldn't want to be anything
but what i am
just a shell on your shore
that you could crush or adore
it's the grip of your hand

i don't want to cage you
i just want to mend that mind
whenever you come down
the only thing we lost is time
storm hard over water
leaving all the lonely land dry
oh, i know you need it
but you could bring that rain inside

you wouldn't need anything
you wouldn't be anything
but what you are
we're just a note on your door
a small reminder of more
on the other side
and like some permanent ink
or piece of stationary
folded as a crane
you are a beautiful thing
when you're as free as you need
taking your own shape

(whenever, if ever
you're ready
you come find me)

i don't want to cage you
i just want to sing your name
Track Name: Weekend (Un Beso)
and assigning new contexts
to how I danced you 'cross the carpet
all in time
to "Ambulance"
in that stadium apartment
Black Keys got your knees flexed
let me hold your locket
been the only one to shock it

if I must be honest
I could wait a long, long time
for August to be on us again

(go on go, turn your back, 'til you're gone and you're back again
don't be slow to react, now be gone 'til you're back again)

if we can't get back
we can still get up
rehash and rip up for a weekend
in the ashes
you'd be a ghost to anyone else
but I'd rather amuse myself
with flavored flashes
of when you fell a pile over me
been the only one to buckle your knees
and let me hold your figurines
utter hopelessly

"if I must be honest,
it could be a long, long time
before I can step off this again"

I wish you'd claim what was yours
tonguing the itch on the roof of my mouth
I need you to mark your turf
and I am not to blame for anything now

(mi Reina, mi Reina
reclaim your crown 'fore I cut you out
un beso, un beso
light in my head and I need it right now)
Track Name: Greenstick/Fracture
oh, unfamiliar hold
clouds are frozen
crowds are foreign
cowered over

where do you place your head
(mostly asleep, mostly sleeping)
frozen over
foreign shoulders
my paramour


go on and get your taste
I said I understand
and this is not an end
and I would have you again
a greenstick fracture
it's too young to be clean
come on and call me when
you are circulating
Track Name: loverneverlearned
no, i don't mind
feeling sorry for this loss
it was a good lie
and i hate to miss the mark again
i was thrown by
a lover i never learned
i was thrown by

honey, i get confused
you say, "let it run,
and i will move along"
but i don't know, i don't know, i don't know

shouldn't it be
easily undone
but a light's left on
see me look twice
see me lean on skinny bones
see me look twice

i know the rain will come
and your rain will run me numb
and it will run on, and on, and on, and on, and on
honey, you should know
with your finger on a gun (you've never held)
it's not the love you've shown
it's the love i'm used to
and i don't know how to let it go
Track Name: Skelaxin (Oh, Ira)
slowly i disintegrate
with your line
carry on
your feel-and-switch approach
baffles me

but tell me it's enough
when monuments are not
and you arrest your own heart

oh, Ira

the stabilizers clench
and release
(would you have me leave?)
coma comes
i bet you need a cigarette
about now

but i would like to think
the shape that you trace
is the way my back bends (for you)
attacks on my spine
silent winter drive
four months at a time,
more dead (than alive)

oh, Ira

maybe Ira needs something
maybe I run east too much
maybe irony's something
maybe irony's too much
Track Name: Rail Division
hide the coffee-stained carpet
throw your pretty genes on me
if you want to keep up here
flash a quiet-mouth smile
two more bottles on the island
and a chemical calmness
i'm a runaway child
reaching for a mother's dress
and i confess

you are already there

the conversation got salty
brought denial back with you
"all the time in the world"
close your mind, little girl
i'm a harlequin, dancing
for a mannequin heart-box
you forget that i'm here for
all the flesh under the plastic
(and i'm not leaving without it)

you are already there

darling, don't you know
to deny a man
is to become his only thought
Track Name: The Hollows
dead heat
slow and deliberate
gravity stays true
in the belly of a man who cannot stand without a reason
and cannot fly without it cut from him

ringing out, heavy name, 'til it slows, let it go
peel it out, what you crave, is it movement or repose
aftermath, unafraid, if it slows, let me know
lying down, haunting game, is the movement just a ghost

these are the hollows

and what is this
the check and lifeless lips
that ripped for hours before
for hours on end
it is of no consequence
(i will be carried)
'cause in your belly, little girl, you know your world could use a reason
but there you go and cut, cut, cut the one you'd found

ringing out, heavy name, 'til it slows, let it go
peel it out, what you crave, is it movement or repose
aftermath, i'm afraid, when it slows, i won't know
lying down, haunting game, is the movement just a ghost

these are the hollows