from by Tyler Brown



i don't want to cage you
i just want to make you feel
whenever you wake up
nothing will be different here
stroke across the surface
or dig in 'til it decays
so if it's gonna die
at least it's got a ready grave

wouldn't want to need anything
wouldn't want to be anything
but what i am
just a shell on your shore
that you could crush or adore
it's the grip of your hand

i don't want to cage you
i just want to mend that mind
whenever you come down
the only thing we lost is time
storm hard over water
leaving all the lonely land dry
oh, i know you need it
but you could bring that rain inside

you wouldn't need anything
you wouldn't be anything
but what you are
we're just a note on your door
a small reminder of more
on the other side
and like some permanent ink
or piece of stationary
folded as a crane
you are a beautiful thing
when you're as free as you need
taking your own shape

(whenever, if ever
you're ready
you come find me)

i don't want to cage you
i just want to sing your name


from The Hollows, released September 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Tyler Brown Charlotte, North Carolina


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