Weekend (Un Beso)

from by Tyler Brown



and assigning new contexts
to how I danced you 'cross the carpet
all in time
to "Ambulance"
in that stadium apartment
Black Keys got your knees flexed
let me hold your locket
been the only one to shock it

if I must be honest
I could wait a long, long time
for August to be on us again

(go on go, turn your back, 'til you're gone and you're back again
don't be slow to react, now be gone 'til you're back again)

if we can't get back
we can still get up
rehash and rip up for a weekend
in the ashes
you'd be a ghost to anyone else
but I'd rather amuse myself
with flavored flashes
of when you fell a pile over me
been the only one to buckle your knees
and let me hold your figurines
utter hopelessly

"if I must be honest,
it could be a long, long time
before I can step off this again"

I wish you'd claim what was yours
tonguing the itch on the roof of my mouth
I need you to mark your turf
and I am not to blame for anything now

(mi Reina, mi Reina
reclaim your crown 'fore I cut you out
un beso, un beso
light in my head and I need it right now)


from The Hollows, released September 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Tyler Brown Charlotte, North Carolina


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